Disneyland Is Raising Prices Once Again

The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest and richest companies in the world...

Haggard Bill and Hillary Clinton stroll down beach on Hamptons getaway spotted Bill and Hillary Clinton on a walk on the beach in The Hamptons on Tuesday.

7 Great National Parks in Missouri

Missouri has a wide selection of national parks and national monuments to give vacationers a wonderful experience! Check

People Drive From All Over Alaska To Eat At This Tiny But Legendary Steakhouse

There’s a tiny but legendary steakhouse in Alaska that serves up some of the most delicious steaks. This iconic spot, nestled in downtown Anchorage, is easy to find. After one meal here you’ll be back for more! Have you ever been to this steakhouse in Alaska? What did you think?... The post People Drive From All Over Alaska To Eat At This Tiny But Legendary Steakhouse appeared first on Only In Your State.

This Little-Known Mission Helped Thousands Escape Manhattan on 9/11

We’ve read about so many heroes of that fateful day, yet somehow this mission—the largest of its kind in history—remains largely unknown The post This Little-Known Mission Helped Thousands Escape Manhattan on 9/11 appeared first on Reader's Digest.

How to Spend a Perfect Weekend on Nantucket

I’ve gotten to travel to some pretty amazing places as a travel writer, but there’s just something special about the island of Nantucket, with all its history, natural beauty and folklore. Unlike the Hamptons or Palm Beach, this iconic vacation destination for the one-percenters doesn’t feel snooty or pretentious in the least. While you definitely can’t […] The post How to Spend a Perfect Weekend on Nantucket appeared first on InsideHook.

Venice Fines ‘Idiots’ Who Surfed Grand Canal $1,500 a Piece

Two young men who thought it might be fun to film themselves gliding down Venice’s Grand Canal on motorized boards have learned the hard way that fun comes at a cost. Ecco due imbecilli prepotenti che si fanno beffa della Città… chiedo a tutti di aiutarci a individuarli per punirli anche se le nostre armi sono davvero spuntate… servono urgentemente più poteri ai Sindaci in tema di sicurezza pubblica! A chi li individua offro una cena!...

These Colorful Towns Are a Gateway to Colorado’s Most Trippy National Park

Cavan Images/Cavan/Getty Images There’s nothing like the smell of dankly fresh mountain air with a waft of pine and musty earth. That alone is reason enough to go to Colorado. But the reasons add up. Maybe you’re looking for high-altitude adventure. Maybe the tallest sand mountains in North America have piqued your interest. Maybe you want to sandboard in a Mad-Max-like terrain at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. Whatever calls you...

China Covid Cases at a Three-Month High as Even Fish Get Tests

China’s Covid cases surged to a three-month high, driven by a worsening outbreak in the tropical Hainan province that has become the country’s biggest since Shanghai was shut down in the spring.

Ranked: The Unfriendliest States in America, Is Yours Here?

A significant factor that goes into the moving process is the type of environment you want to move into. Will your neighbors be friendly? Will ... Read More

Traveling the world as one of the first Black Pan Am flight attendants

In the summer of 1969, at just 20 years of age, Sheila Nutt -- a former Miss Philadelphia pageant runner-up -- was selected to be one of the first Black flight attendants on Pan American World Airways. This is her story.

This Funky Little Town In Southern California Is A True Hidden Gem

There’s no wrong time of year to visit Wrightwood. Whether you choose to go skiing, ziplining, or hiking, there’s an outdoor adventure for everyone. If you prefer the unique shops in town, you’ll have some excellent choices. This charming town in Southern California is full of marvelous offerings. Wrightwood has... The post This Funky Little Town In Southern California Is A True Hidden Gem appeared first on Only In Your State.

An airline worker was charged with theft after $16,000 of luggage went missing and was tracked to his house using an Apple AirTag

The man, an airline contractor at Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, was arrested and currently faces two counts of grand theft.

Watch hikers risk lives strolling beside giant hot spring at Yellowstone National Park

At least 20 people have been killed by falling into Yellowstone's geothermal features

Saints who probably never existed

Saints are an integral part of Catholic and Orthodox worship. But while modern saints, like the canonized popes John XXIII and John Paul II, have well-documented biographies, that's not always the case. Before critical analysis of the saint's life, people depended on legends, myths, and tradition for their biographies, also known as hagiographies. These sources are highly unreliable. Some early hagiographies may have an historical core, but they can't came to truly get to the bottom of the story. So, want to know which beloved saints probably never existed? Then check out the following gallery.

Fall Is The Perfect Time To Visit This Historic Mountain Town In Vermont

Grafton is a small town in southern Vermont that’s tucked between the stunning mountains that make the state so special. With a population of under 1,000 residents, there’s plenty to do and learn when you visit this quaint town in the Green Mountain State. Grafton is so much more than... The post Fall Is The Perfect Time To Visit This Historic Mountain Town In Vermont appeared first on Only In Your State.

If Your Hotel Doesn't Do This, Don't Stay There, Health Experts Say

If your hotel doesn't put a carbon monoxide detector in every room, you should cancel your reservation—or bring your own with you.

Car Camping: Where & When To Do It, What To Pack, & What To Know

Tons of prep work goes into getting ready for a car camping trip, but these tips can help!

Shocking images of Pantelleria in flames, VIPs flee

Carbondale, Colorado Is One Of America’s Most Walkable Small Towns, And There Are Delights Around Every Corner

Is there anything better than a small and charming mountain town? Actually, there is: a small and charming mountain town that is easy to navigate and chock-full of things to see and do! To find this gem of a town, we recommend checking out the walkable Carbondale, Colorado: Do you... The post Carbondale, Colorado Is One Of America’s Most Walkable Small Towns, And There Are Delights Around Every Corner appeared first on Only In Your State.

University Circle In Cleveland Might Be The Most Beautiful Place In Ohio

The Buckeye State is a beautiful state, from the beguiling bucolic landscape of rural Ohio to the state’s brightest and most dazzling cities. And while scenic beauty abounds in Ohio, there’s one place in Cleveland that, in our very humble opinion, shines a bit brighter than the rest. Here’s why... The post University Circle In Cleveland Might Be The Most Beautiful Place In Ohio appeared first on Only In Your State.

Four Seasons wants to take you on the ultimate private plane trip — starting at $130,000

It’s one thing to take a business-class flight to one of the world’s most popular hotels. But it’s an entirely different experience to take the private plane of one of the world’s most popular luxury hotel brands and crisscross the world staying at its best resorts. Well, not for Four Seasons — and not for …

This Little-Known Tunnel Of Trees In Akron, Ohio, Is Nothing Short Of Magical

There’s something meditative about wandering through lush, tree-filled forests. Naturalists and artists have long known this; John Muir, the Father of National Parks, regularly sought umbrage in the woods and wilderness. If you don’t have a day to devote to nature, or are looking for a more accessible forest bathing... The post This Little-Known Tunnel Of Trees In Akron, Ohio, Is Nothing Short Of Magical appeared first on Only In Your State.

DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Hilton released the official DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie recipe this month and I couldn’t get into my kitchen fast enough. Who can say no to sinfully good, impossibly delicious DoubleTree cookies? Calories be damned (at least for the year 2020…and 2021). The cookies baked up beautifully and are every bit as delicious as you’d expectread more

Zion Canyon Overlook Trail is Underrated but Worth Hiking

If you’re looking for a different type of trail in Zion National Park with a bit of adventure, the Zion Canyon Overlook Trail may be the one for you. Although it’s a heavily trafficked out and back trail, it’s just one mile long, and you can complete it very quickly. Plus, there are several unique features to see. It offers a gorgeous view of the Zion Canyon you can’t get anywhere else. It’s fun because the sandy, red trail passes through...

Girlfriend Getaways: Expanding Our Friendship in Leavenworth

During our Leavenworth, Kansas girlfriends getaway, we (Grace and Barb) had the opportunity to get to know each other better. Traveling together adds a new level to your friendship and can be a great way to discover more about your best gal pal. In addition to offering surprising insights, shared journeys give you shared memories, […]

Flights were grounded again this week at New York's LaGuardia Airport — this time because of 'law enforcement activity,' FAA says

Unconfirmed tweets claimed the "law enforcement activity" involved a prisoner escaping from FBI agents.

20 essential tips for a successful road trip

Flip through the gallery for 20 essential tips that will help you have a successful road trip, from what you'll need to prepare ahead of time to the perfect snacks for the road.

This Is Why You Never See Mosquitoes at Disney World

Have you noticed that Disney World, despite being in Florida, seems to be virtually mosquito-free? There's a reason for that. The post This Is Why You Never See Mosquitoes at Disney World appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Libra: Your daily horoscope - August 18

Libra: here are your general predictions for the day August 18

Caffeine on the concourse: TPG flew across the US to find the best airport coffee

There are a couple of things that help early morning flyers enjoy a smoother airport experience: a carry-on bag and, most importantly, a cup of coffee. But unfortunately, the idea of “airport coffee” seems to universally elicit an image of watery, weak, bitter coffee served in a plastic foam cup. As a traveler and coffee …

Daily Dozen | Forbes: Supersonic Travel Boom; CDC’s Pandemic Reboot; Harvard’s Helping Hand

TikTok is banning influencer paid political content; homes are the least affordable in 33 years; Americans can't get on the same page about weed; and more.

Alaska Airlines, Honor Flight Team Up To Fly Military Vets Living In Hawaii To Washington D.C. For Free

The Honor Flight Network and Alaska Airlines are reaching out to fulfill the wishes of Korean War, WWII, and Vietnam War vets in Hawaii.

Vintage Photos of Old Hollywood Stars on Their Honeymoon

Including Liz Taylor and Mike Todd's tropical escape.

The Most Charming Small Town in Every State

You'll find the heart of America in these small-town gems that seem lost in time. Add them to your must-visit list now. The post The Most Charming Small Town in Every State appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Did you know that stocks that crashed during the pandemic have nearly returned 75% since their lows in 2020?

Stocks in this list have companies that had their businesses significantly impacted by the lockdown. This list’s performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Tower Of Fantasy: All Region Scenic Point Locations In Warren

The frigid region of Warren in Tower of Fantasy features four Scenic Points that Wanderers can discover across its vast frozen wilderness.

American Airlines (AAL) to Buy Super-Fast Passenger Jets

In a bid to modernize its fleet, American Airlines AAL inked a deal with Boom Supersonic to purchase up to 20 Overture planes from the latter. AAL already made a non-refundable deposit for the fleet. The agreement also includes the option of buying 40 more such high-speed jets for the airline that are expected to carry passengers at twice the speed of the fastest commercial aircraft available currently. Financial details of the deal remain...

Mark Morical: Remote Steens Mountain Wilderness can be explored along the highest road in Oregon, or deep at the bottom of its gorges

SOUTH STEENS CAMPGROUND, Ore. — In 1999, I took a trip with some college friends to Steens Mountain. Nearly a quarter-century later, memories of that trip were beginning to fade. But what I did remember was plunging up and down an impossibly deep gorge and being awestruck by alpine beauty that had no business existing in the middle of a vast desert of sagebrush. It was time to return to Steens ...

The Oldest Lake In Northern California Is A Beautiful Piece Of Living History

When it comes to naming “the oldest,” or “the biggest,” or “the best” of something, you can find plenty of things that fit the bill in The Golden State. When it comes to spectacular bodies of water, it is here that you’ll find Clear Lake – the largest natural freshwater... The post The Oldest Lake In Northern California Is A Beautiful Piece Of Living History appeared first on Only In Your State.

How to Use Wine Bottles to Water Plants While You’re on Vacation

This DIY wine bottle plant waterer is genius! The post How to Use Wine Bottles to Water Plants While You’re on Vacation appeared first on Taste of Home.

'I want freedom': One man's escape from zero-Covid China to seek his American dream

On a sunny afternoon in June, Wang Qun pushed his nose up against the 20-foot high steel fence, peering at the palm trees and detached houses across the border -- the first glimpse of his American dream.

10 Best Portage Routes In Ontario, Canada

Step into Ontario, Canada's untouched wilderness, on a multi-day canoe trip. These are some of the best portage routes in the province.

Woman Scores Upgrade to Business Class All Because of Her Stunning Passport Photo

The picture really is amazing.

Ben Affleck Was "Freaked Out" on His Recent Paris Honeymoon With Jennifer Lopez

The reason is actually heartbreaking. 😞

10 Staycation Ideas: Planning An Unforgettable Experience

If you’re considering a staycation this year, you are definitely not alone. That’s why we’ve curated an awesome list of staycation ideas!

This abandoned 'Money Pit Mansion' in Florida is too expensive to save

In the heart of Florida sits this impressive abandoned mansion, known as the Money Pit. Having lain empty for decades, its various owners haven't been able to restore it to its former glory. Thanks to photographer Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast, you can now take a look inside the home and discover it's long history.

Historic Hotel in Galveston, Texas Comes With a Resident Ghost in Room 501

The story of Audra and why she haunts the hotel is actually pretty sad.

Rocky beach emerges from Italy's Lake Garda

The bottom of the rocky shore of Lake Garda, Italy's largest lake and major tourist destination, has emerged in Sirmione amid an ongoing severe drought that has gripped the country for months.

A Growing Team: Emirates To Hold Three Cabin Crew Open Days In The US This Month

Prospective attendees are encouraged to pre-register.