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Seven Magic Mountains Las Vegas: Complete Visitor Guide

Are you thinking about visiting the Seven Magic Mountains in Las Vegas? We took the short drive from the Vegas strip to see the Seven Magic Mountains during our latest …

Einstein, teleportation and the mysterious 'Philadelphia Experiment'

Do you believe in alien life? Do you think time travel is possible? If you answered no to either, take a look at this story that supposedly took place in the United States during World War II. Imagine being on board a war ship that suddenly disappears into thin air and suddenly reappears somewhere else seconds later. Imagine you haven't just experienced teleportation, but you've time traveled a few years into the future. It may sound like something out of science fiction, but there is a theory that says this really happened to a U.S. Navy ship. Click on to find out more!

11 must-try dishes and treats in Morocco

Morocco is a dream destination for many. After spending nearly two months traveling the country a few years ago, I fully support that — particularly if you want to try delicious food!

Rimworld: How To Start A Colony

Want to build a Colony in RimWorld? Well, here's a detailed guide to help you start one by getting everything in order.

Ancient Egyptian treasures unveiled after Giza tombs excavation

Egypt presented statues and other artefacts unearthed during a year-long dig at the Saqarra Necropolis in Giza. The objects date back to the fifth and sixth dynasties of the Old Kingdom, a period roughly between 2500 B.C and 2100 B.C.

I avoided paying $150 to check luggage — people call my hack brave

That’s the Spirit! TikTok user Faith Collins swears she has found a workaround to Spirit Airlines’ expensive bag fees by thinking inside the box. In a video that has landed 2.6 million views, Collins messily stuffs her clothes, perfumes, tanning lotion and shoes into a cardboard box, tapes it up and addresses it to her vacation destination in Boynton Beach. “Let’s see how much it costs to ship my luggage to Florida versus paying $150 to Spirit...

Sundance 2023: The Tuba Thieves

The Best Perks of Being President of the United States

Being Commander-in-Chief comes with plenty of hidden advantages.

The Welsh village that will disappear by 2054

Discover the most incredible beach destinations in Florida

New Smyrna Beach is a popular destination for surfers and visitors searching for a relaxed atmosphere with hidden experiences. The region is full of fascinating history, creative talent, one-of-a-kind stores, local cafes, and plenty of outdoor activities. Explore more about these beautiful destinations on Microsoft Travel. Whether you’re looking so...

What’s In My Weekend Bag For A Quick, Fun Getaway?

Hi loves! Are you planning a quick weekend trip? Are you trying to figure out what exactly you’ll need to bring? I’ll be showing you today what I carry in my weekend bag. You can…

See an Italian studio’s plans to build a giant flying yacht

Boats are meant to float, but a new concept from Italy’s pioneering Lazzarini Design Studio would also have them soar — sort of. The company has released renderings for its latest creation: Plectrum, a futuristic, 242-foot superyacht capable of traveling at speeds of 86 miles per hour above the water line — similar to a hoverboard. The seven-bedroom, helipad and swimming pool-equipped luxury cruiser is set to debut for a price of $99.31 million....

Archeologists discover 4,300-year-old Egyptian mummy, dozens of relics

Archeologists in Egypt discovered a 4,300 year-old mummy — possibly the oldest one ever found in the country — during an extraordinary dig near Cairo, officials announced Thursday. The mummy called “Hekashepes” was located at the bottom of a 49-foot shaft near the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, where the team was working to uncover a cemetery of fifth and sixth-dynasty tombs dating back to the 25th century B.C, Zahi Hawass, director of the team, said...

The Perfect 4 Day Puerto Rico Itinerary: The Ultimate Island Experience

Are you looking for an amazing and exotic travel destination to explore? Look no further than Puerto Rico! This beautiful island is home to lush rainforests, stunning beaches, and a vibrant culture that will leave you wanting more. Here is a detailed 4-day itinerary to help make the most of your time in Puerto Rico. […]

Do you dare cross the Devil's bridge?

In the north of Portugal, on the border between Montalegre and Vieira do Minho, lies a legendary bridge said to be built by the Devil himself. Situated over the sparkling Rabagão river in the heart of the lush Gerês mountain, the Misarela Bridge is a mystical place that you certainly don't want to miss. Click through to find out the fascinating tale about how this mysterious bridge came to be, and the paranormal perks it offers visitors today.

Interwar Icon: How Edward Stinson Became The Most Experienced Pilot Of His Era

The world's most experienced pilot was just 36 years old when he died.

‘Janet’ is the name of the Air Force’s secret passenger airline service

A lot of large employers have private jets to ferry their top employees around the country. Some have fleets of multiple aircraft. So it kind of makes sense that the... The post ‘Janet’ is the name of the Air Force’s secret passenger airline service appeared first on We Are The Mighty.

'We Don't Feed Non-Tippers' — Delivery Driver Gives Away Customer's Food To Someone Else After They Didn't Tip

No tip, no meal!

Travel Guide: Montego Bay, Jamaica

This year, I was celebrating my 35th birthday and I wanted to do something special. I decided to go on a solo trip to Jamaica. I’ve been getting more into … Continue reading Travel Guide: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Cruises Are Back: An Inside Look at the Brand-New 'Celebrity Beyond'

When the pandemic flipped the planet upside-down back in 2020, there were countless industries that immediately took a huge hit. Restaurants and bars, movie theaters, sporting and music events—businesses all over the world were shuttering overnight. The cruising industry was one of the hardest hit. But now, thanks to vaccine breakthroughs and new hygienic protocols, […]

Alaska Airlines Becomes First American Carrier To Eliminate Plastic Cups Onboard

Alaska Airlines takes the next step in its pioneering sustainability journey by banning plastic cups.

The 10 best places to visit in April

Explore more about these beautiful destinations on Microsoft Travel. Whether you’re looking solo travel, mountain treks, or just some relaxing time on beaches, Microsoft Travel is your one-stop vacation planning destination. Book flights and hotels at competitive rates, explore area attractions, see weather trends, create an itinerary, and much mor...

NYC pol wants Nazi allies removed from Broadway’s Canyon of Heroes

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine said the city must remove the names of Nazi collaborators Henri Philippe Pétain and Pierre Laval from the Canyon of Heroes — almost 100 years after they were honored with a ticker-tape parade. “There are difficult calls here on the Canyon of Heroes and the question of reconsidering modern monuments in general, but all of us should agree that Nazi collaborators are simply beyond the pale,” Levine, who is...

40 Vintage Photos of Bars Through the Years

From many years and all over the world, partying is universal!

Winter in Austria Explored by Drone, Part 1

Experience the beauty of winter in the European country of Austria, courtesy of incredible drone footage.

How Are the Characters From 1923 Related to Yellowstone's Duttons?

Here's how the latest branch of the Dutton family tree connects to Yellowstone's first family. Johns and Jacks and Jameses and Jacobs—the Yellowstone universe is packed with enough Duttons to make your head spin. With the arrival of the latest Yellowstone prequel, 1923, there are even more names to keep track of. While there are still some secrets that have yet to be revealed about the family and how everyone is connected, we've made things a little easier by rounding up what we know so far about how the characters of 1923 relate to the Duttons of the modern day. Sign up for Paramount+ More: The Dutton Family Tree

13 Canadian Beaches That Are Beyond Beautiful

Canada is a world-class tourist destination due to its numerous natural resources. Here are the top 13 beaches vacationers will find alluring.

The biggest unsolved mysteries from each state

The world is full of unsolved mysteries, and the US is certainly no exception (in fact, far from it). For example, did you know that a teen in Missouri died of AIDS-related complications nearly a decade before the condition was discovered? Or that a woman in Minnesota was found frozen and made a full recovery? From disappearances, to crimes, and everything in between, in this gallery you'll find the most famous unsolved mysteries from each state. Can you guess which one is the strangest? Click on to find out.

What it takes to build and maintain Alaska’s icy highways

Frozen rivers are vital transportation routes for communities outside the state’s traditional road system.

Which Airports Have Flights From All 6 Habitable Continents?

The list will surprise you!

We've Found Your State's Eeriest Deserted Place

From mysterious ghost towns to long-deserted mansions, we reveal the eeriest abandoned attraction in every state and DC.

Hidden Gems in the Florida Panhandle

When travelers from other regions of the United States come to Florida, they usually book their flights to Orlando. Too many of them, Orlando (Miami is a close second) is the state’s capital city. Most Americans rarely even consider the Florida panhandle, despite its prominence and unique charm. To them, a picture of Northwest FloridaContinue Reading

Sunflower Fields in Texas To Visit

Here is a list of sunflower fields in Texas for summer/fall 2023 visits. The Lone Star State has over 15 Sunflower Fields in Texas to visit. Did you know that Texas sunflowers have only 1 season for growing? Sunflowers grow tall bright yellow flowers making a landscape appealing to the eye in the summer and […]

Copa Airlines Announces Flights To Baltimore

Baltimore will be the 15th United States destination, including Puerto Rico.

The 9 Best Resorts in Puerto Rico for Adults

Welcome to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean paradise where the sun is always shining and the rum is always flowing! If you’re looking for the ultimate getaway that combines luxurious accommodations, stunning natural beauty, and plenty of fun activities, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best resorts in Puerto...

16 Photos of Rock Hudson's Suave Life

Explore the life of a Hollywood icon.

All the Rules You Never Knew Restaurants Have to Follow on 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives'

First rule of Flavortown? Don't say the word "Flavortown" on camera. Since 2006, we've watched Guy Fieri travel coast to coast visiting some of the country's greatest establishments for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It's one of the biggest shows on the Food Network, and with over 648 episodes and counting, it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. But what does it take to become a Triple D-featured spot and how does it all work? Both Fieri and producers have spilled behind-the-scenes secrets about the show throughout its 42 seasons—from who picks the restaurants to how you can tell if the host really likes a dish to what happens to these eateries after the cameras leave (spoiler: a little thing called the Triple D Effect!). Keep reading to learn about all things Flavortown and find out what really happens when Fieri rolls into your town.

Southwest Airlines reports $800 million loss over holiday season disaster

Southwest Airlines reported an $800 million loss in revenue due to a system failure that caused chaos for travelers over the holidays.

A Bartender Posted Her Paycheck Showing She Made Only $9.28 For 70 Hours Of Work

“This is why you tip.”

15 Best Resorts in Southern California from San Diego to Santa Barbara

From San Diego to Santa Barbara, southern California is home to beaches, mountains, valleys and deserts. That’s a lot of ground to cover, but fortunately there’s a wide assortment of the best resorts in southern California to serve as home base. Whether you’re looking for a woodsy retreat or coastal resort – and anything in […]

An Exhaustive Breakdown of the Entire Dutton Family Tree

'Yellowstone!' '1883!' '1923!' Here you go, sickos.

February is peak season for Florida. The 10 can't-miss spots to visit

Explore more about these beautiful destinations on Microsoft Travel. Whether you’re looking solo travel, mountain treks, or just some relaxing time on beaches, Microsoft Travel is your one-stop vacation planning destination. Book flights and hotels at competitive rates, explore area attractions, see weather trends, create an itinerary, and much mor...

Spanish museum returns two 15th century paintings to Poland

Poland saw much of its cultural patrimony destroyed or looted during the country’s wartime occupation by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Approximately 500,000 items are still missing.

Florida police break up wild fight between two women and airline employee, file charges: video

Two women who were denied the ability to board a plane because they arrived 45 minutes late were arrested at Miami International Airport after fighting with the airline employee.

11 Breathtakingly beautiful places in Missoula

Travelers beat on both the top and bottom line. Revenues of $8.82B (+9.88% YoY) exceeded consensus of $8.78B(+0.39%). EPS of $3.40 (-34.62% YoY) exceeded the consensus estimate of $3.40(0.00%).

Travelers beat on both the top and bottom line. Revenues of $8.82B (+9.88% YoY) exceeded consensus of $8.78B(+0.39%). EPS of $3.40 (-34.62% YoY) exceeded the consensus estimate of $3.40(0.00%).Travelers beat on both the top and bottom line. Revenues of $8.82B (+9.88% YoY) exceeded consensus of $8.78B(+0.39%). EPS of $3.40 (-34.62% YoY) exceeded the...

Stephen King drops his hot take on cultural appropriation in books compared to banned books

Stephen King's recent hot take has caused a divide.

What to do in Old San Juan Puerto Rico: 40 Fun Experiences (2023)

Are you looking for a unique and exciting vacation destination? Look no further than Old San Juan, Puerto Rico! From its stunning colonial architecture to its vibrant culture and lively nightlife, this Caribbean city is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience. San Juan is one of my all-time favorite cities and is sure […]

17 Safest Cities In Europe To Travel To 2022

There are many lovely cities in Europe to visit, but which ones also provide visitor safety?

The Nomadic Boys highlight the best of gay Greece

From the exciting gay parties of Mykonos to the rich history of Athens, there are so many ways for gay travelers to enjoy Greece.